About Selena

The world has changed more than we ever could have imagined since the global health crisis. We are concerned not only for our education but for the education of our children. Salena Watts appreciates that both the way we teach and the way we learn has to change. All three of her books are dedicated to those who are passionate about becoming better educators.

When Selena moved to a different country, the only thing she could do was teach English. Even though she was a native, she felt like she needed some formal qualifications. As a mum to young children, she couldn’t go to university, so she began learning online.

Despite gaining qualifications in teaching and business management, she didn’t feel that her learning included practical advice on how to teach. Each course told her the importance of lesson planning, but it was only her experience preparing classes that enabled her to become the teacher she is today.

Selena Watts created a series of three books, Teaching Online, Teaching Yourself to Teach, and Creating Courses Online. Each one contains step by step guides using terminology that we are all familiar with.

These three books are written with such passion for her students, that Selena Watts inspires her readers to become better. They take the qualities that teachers have and enhance them. She has spent years testing teaching strategies and now provides some of the best methodologies to engage students so that they love learning.